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ASZ-600 Series Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope and LED Illumination

The ASZ-600 is our most popular stereo zoom microscope series, offering outstanding optical performance: excellent flatness and contrast, an expansive field of view (FOV) and remarkable depth of field (DOF). These instruments feature our most advanced body engineering, highlighted by a smooth, single-spindle zoom system, modularized gearing and fixed prisms. They also employ an external nylon-on-nylon gear system to maximize zoom smoothness protect the mechanism’s precision and integrity. Compatibility of materials and isolation of the gears from other internal mechanisms further guards against deterioration over time.

The ASZ-600 Stereo Zoom Microscope offers you our toughest, most securely sealed and maintenance-free design – suitable for even the most demanding industrial, electronic, medical and manufacturing applications. Its ergonomic body design means effortless observation, with smooth zoom controls, convenient and practical detents, and high eye-point eyepieces combining to give you comfort far superior to competing instruments.

The trinocular 45-degree inclined head and extra-wide-field 10x eyepieces (allowing both diopter and interpupillary adjustment) maximise user comfort. Superb optics, continuous magnification range of 8x to 50x, and 115m extra-long working distance combine for truly superior clarity and broad-spectrum utility.
The ASZ-600 series is also fully compatible with our extensive range of optional accessories including boom stands, auxiliary objectives, eyepieces and LED ringlights.


  • Excellent Image Quality & Optical Performance with Infinity Parallel Optical System.
  • Comfortable Operation with Ergonomic Design Principle.
  • With LED light for both incident and transmitted illumination, providing even illumination and life expectancy can reach 6000 hours.
  • A Wide Range of Accessories available.

Maintenance-free design features:

* Airtight – eliminates contamination from dust, oil, and water, reducing the need for maintenance or servicing

* Anti-mold protected – ensures safety and image quality even under high environmental heat or humidity

* Anti-electrostatic – static buildups within the instrument are discharged almost instantly, preventing disruption or damage in sensitive applications and reducing maintenance





Drawing Tube

Binocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 45°

Trinocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 45°


Extra wide field eyepiece EW10×/22



Zoom Objective


Zoom Ratio


Working Distance


Interpupillary Distance


Auxiliary objective


Glass Insert

Glass Insert, Diameter 100mm


Incident Illumination 100V-240V/ LED

Transmitted Illumination 100V-240V/ LED

Photo Attachment


Video Attachment


Note:● Standard Outfit,○ Optional


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Special Offer

50% OFF This 10.0 Megapixel Camera when you buy the ASZ600 Microscope

NEW MODEL Professional High Resolution 10.0 MP Microscope Digital Camera. RRP $1000.00

Our new model CMOS-IS1000 10.0 Megapixel Digital Microscope Camera is suitable for all kinds of monocular, binocular and trinocular microscopes. With the included reduction lens the microscope camera can be used with either "C" Mount, 23mm & 30mm eyetubes and eyepiece tubes. With USB2.0 output, directly connected to the computer you can capture high resolution, high quality digital images, compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Sensor Color CMOS camera
Sensor size 1/2.3inch
Pixels 1.67micron X 1.67micron
Resolution 3856H x 2764V
Filter RGB Bayer
Lens interface C/CS mount
Maximum fps 3fps (3856*2764)
25fps (1280*1024)
RGB 8 bit
Exposure control automatic/manual
Exposure time 1ms -0.3S
White balance automatic/manual
Scan mode progress
Shutter electronic rolling shutter
Sensitive 0.53V/Lux S (550nm)
S/N ratio 40.5dB
Dynamic range > 60dB
Controlling image size, bright, gain, exposure time, color
Operating system Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7, Mac
PC interface USB2.0

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ASZ600 Series Pricing

Microscope Only:

ASZ600B Binocular Head $1595 inc GST
ASZ600T Trinocular Head $1695 inc GST

Microscope & 10.0 Camera (50% OFF):

ASZ600B & 10MP Camera $2095.00 inc GST
ASZ600T & 10MP Camera $2195.00 inc GST