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Microscope Accessory Kit

A useful accessory kit for use with our childrens microscopes.

With these real glass microscope slides and other tools, users can make their own simple prepared slides. Comes with: 12 pieces of plain glass slides, 2 pieces of single concavity (well) slides, 1 plastic storage box to hold 25 slides, 1 package cover glass, 1 pair forceps (tweezers), plastic transfer pipette (dropper), spare 15 watt bulb, directions and helpful hints for preparing simple mounts.


Scalpel NOT Included in supplied kits

Microscope Accessory Kit.
Everything you need to make your own prepared slides for oservation.

Contents :
  • 12 plain and 2 concave well glass microscope slides
  • 1 plastic storage box that holds 25 slides
  • 1 package glass cover slides
  • 1 plastic handled disposable scalpel (Not Included in the new kits)
  • 1 pair plastic forceps
  • 1 plastic pipet
  • 1 spare 15W microscope bulb
  • Direction sheet with helpful hints for preparing simple mounts

    Contains glass and sharp instrument-Adult supervision recommended


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