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Student Biological Microscope N400M

This microscope is intended for use by ages 11 & older.

Our entry level student microscope is suitable for children ages 11 +. It is a basic microscope with all metal construction, 3 achromatic glass objective lenses with a magnification range of 40x - 400x with the basic features for educational use in primary and high school.
Technical Specifications :
  • Monocular Viewing Head
  • LED illumination Brightness Adjustable
  • Detachable AC power adaptor
  • Optical Glass Lenses
  • 10X Widefield eyepiece
  • 3 Achromatic objective lenses 4X, 10X and 40X
  • Plain Stage with Slide Clips 110×120mm
  • Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment
  • Single LensConcenser NA 0.65 with Disc Diaphragm
  • Quality Construction, Metal Frame
  • Enamel coated finish
  • All metal mechanical components
  • 5 years Warranty
  • Vinyl Dust Cover Included

N400M Student Biological Microscope Bundle.
Total Value $495.00

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Student Biological Microscope Model N400M-KIT Bundle includes:


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