5 Years Warranty

Our company Aunet Pty Ltd provides you with a full 5 years warranty on all our own brand microscopes, 2 years warranty on cameras & accessories.

Our 5 Years UNLIMITED WARRANTY is available to our customer in Australia only and is subject to the following conditions:


The Warranty provided to you by Aunet Pty Ltd is non-transferable and therefore only extends to the original purchaser of the microscope.

Warranty Duration

The Aunet Pty Ltd Warranty covers against any defects in material and or workmanship of the microscope, for a full 5 years form the original date of purchase to the original purchaser.

Warranty Covers

  • Optical Warranty – Full 5 Years Unlimited
  • Mechanical Warranty – Full 5 Years Unlimited
  • Electrical Warranty – Full 5 Years Unlimited

Warranty Coverage

Aunet Pty Ltd offers to repair or replace, at its own discretion, any microscope, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship, under normal conditions of use. In the case of repair, there will be no charge for labour or cost of parts, with respect to defects, under cover of this warranty, provided all work is completed by Aunet Pty Ltd.

Exclusions and Limitations

The above mentioned Warranty does not cover failures of any product, caused by abuse, improper operation, improper maintenance or modifications, misuse and neglect.

Nikon & Zumax Dental Microscopes are excluded from our 5 years warranty and are covered by their own manufacturer warranties.

The above mentioned Warranty does not cover repair or replacement, where the normal life of the part or instrument has been expended.

Aunet Pty Ltd recognises the service life of an instrument is dependent upon the care with which it is handled and the conditions under which it is operated. All mechanical devices will therefore need parts replaced and service undertaken periodically to maintain best performance levels.

Any costs incurred in the return of goods to us at Aunet Pty Ltd will be paid by the customer and for your added protection we advise shipped using the Registered Australia Postal service.

Aunet Pty Ltd
PO Box 118
Joondalup DC